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Consign With Us

Curated Cubs provides a full, white-glove service for consigning your gently-loved children's clothing, gear and toys! 

We are currently accepting items from some select brands, for all seasons. 

How to get started

First, take a read through this page and complete our Consignment Agreement. This document outlines all of the terms, and includes many answers to our most frequently asked questions. We do request completion of this form prior to any drop-off of goods.

Dropping off your items

Once we have received and reviewed your agreement, we will send you a link to schedule a drop-off of your items in West Toronto. 

Note: Our usual delivery service is no longer operating on a regular basis. We are working to find a new solution, for those of you who would like to arrange a third-party delivery of your items. In the meantime, we can suggest Uber Parcel while we sort out other options. Please contact us to coordinate. 

What happens next?

Once your items are collected, we sort and itemize your pieces. We then provide you with an Inventory List which includes pricing and consignor commission rates by item. You'll get a final chance to approve the list before we start to sell. We will also inform you if there are items we cannot accept - at which point you can arrange to get them back, or we can donate them on your behalf to a local charity.

Once approval is received, we iron/steam, photograph and list your pieces. Your consigned items will stay in our shop until they sell, or for the duration of the Consignment Period (usually 365 days).

How we price

When you receive your Inventory List, you will see a Curated Cubs target price for each item. Our pricing is based on the brand, condition, demand and current retail price of your item. Unique items and items in BNWT or EUC conditions will see a higher price point than items in GUC or lower quality brands.

Consignor Commission Rates & accepted brands

We offer a Consignor Commission Rate of 25% for most items and brands. Exceptions may be made at our discretion. For Consignors who opt for a payout in store credit instead of etransfer, we offer 35%.

Note: we are currently NOT accepting items from Carter's, Walmart, and Winners brands. We are also limiting our intake of Old Navy & Joe Fresh items - these must be in excellent condition. If you wish to include these types of items in your pickup pile, we will gladly sort and donate them on your behalf.

We are also not accepting Maternity clothing until further notice. Maternity items/gear (belly bands, support pillows, etc.) are still accepted.

How you get paid

We send payment as your items sell! Once a quarter, we will pay out any Commissions for sales from the previous three months. Payment is sent directly by e-transfer to the email address on file.

You will also have the option to receive your commission via Curated Cubs e-credit. If you select this option, you will receive a 10% top-up each quarter, and be able to use the credit towards anything in our shop!

We also offer the opportunity to donate your commission earnings to SickKids children's hospital. 

Other benefits

When you consign with Curated Cubs, you are not only helping save your children's special items from a landfill, you are also supporting a local business and the community. Curated Cubs is a regular supporter of Jessie's Centre, SickKids Foundation, and local families in need, with both clothing/product and monetary donations. 

Need more reason to consign with us?

  • We sort, iron, photograph and post for you!
  • We take the hassle out of arranging your own porch-pickups and drop-offs, and allow you to sit back and relax as your items sell - without having to give multiple people your address on other Marketplaces!
  • You'll never have to deal with a 'no show' buyer again!
  • We have a large network of Customers, and also collaborate with other preloved boutiques who may be looking for something from your pile.

Ready to consign? Please complete our Consignment Agreement form to get started!